Alex Bridal – Brand Development

1. The Mission

To become one of the leading bridal hairstylists in Spain. Alex Bridal wants to raise the bar across the industry by improving her digital presence and discoverability with a whole new elegant brand identity.

2. The Outcome

We designed the entire visual identity of Alex Bridal from the ground up, capturing the companies elegance and opulence with a new logo and brand style guidelines. We then built a highly-effective website that improved traction on new leads and conversion rates. The social media accounts are also continuously managed by our team which has proven to show a constant rise in engagement and following.

3. The Impact

Since the new branding launched, the company has been featured in multiple established magazines and blogs within the industry. The website has doubled the number of bookings with low bounce rates, while the social media strategy has seen an increase of 300% in engagement within the first month.

The Brand Identity

Alex and the designer agreed from the onset of the process that the logo should be a monogram type design with the letters “AB” using a minimalist approach. This gave the feeling of elegance and simplicity that the brand wanted to convey.

After exploring multiple designs, the client fell in love with the final result. We then created the brand guidelines, including; a colour palette,  recommended fonts and how the logo should be used.

Website Design

Alex decided she wanted the site to be developed in WordPress, a great web building tool where minor edits or updates can be made by anyone without needing extensive knowledge of the platform. This approach saves money in the future as there is no need to hire further web developers. 
The website was designed to showcase her beautiful work in a minimalistic layout to help convert leads into bookings. It is easy for clients to navigate the pages, thanks to the well-designed UI, creating a high conversion rate. 
A basic SEO package was implemented bringing the website to the first page on google search. See website

Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing is handled by our in-house marketing team, who is in charge of Alex’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. We decided since Instagram would be her main platform to promote her portfolio and direct traffic to her site, it was crucial that it appeared especially appealing to new potential clients. To do this we used 3 consecutive images within instagrams grid layout, to draw attention to each of her specific clients. We also aim to use engaging captions and hashtags to boost impressions and increase her discoverability. Within the first month, we had already increased this by over 300%.

The Facebook account is used mainly to create targeted ad campaigns that bringing more traffic to her site and have doubled the number of online bookings previously achieved.

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