Atelier – Brand Identity & Strategy

1. The Mission
To create a new concept within hair and beauty salons, giving every client an unforgettable experience. This company wanted to create a luxurious feeling from the moment clients were greeted to the minute they left. By including valet parking, excellent customer service and new top of the line equipment, they created a new image for themselves, which their brand identity needed to embody. Their end goal was to have an Atelier in every major city.
2. The Outcome

We were challenged to create a timeless brand identity that would emit a luxurious feel. Throughout the whole process, there was an exceptional level of communication with the director, which played a big part in the final outcome. We decided that we should use a grayscale colour palette with a minimalist logo that could be scaled to any size. 

3. The Impact

We created a brand identity that conveyed opulence and exclusivity. The logo would be used across the entire salon from wall signs down to the equipment. The director said that the whole process was streamlined and that the final results over-exceeded his expectations.

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