How we doubled Converge’s conversions.

1. The Mission

On a planet with finite resources, Converge is building the future more efficiently, safely safely, and sustainably, by digitising the physical reality of construction through AI & cloud-based technologies. The desired outcome of their upgraded web presence was to educate and empower potential clients to increase adoption rates of their revolutionary products.

2. The Outcome

Converge had outgrown their visual aesthetic and sought a bigger emphasis on customer experience. They enlisted Nexus Creative to completely reinvent their website, resulting in a high-performing user-centric website built from scratch on Webflow.

3. The Impact

The original website faced a number of issues, from a lack of visual consistency to an ineffective hierarchy and sitemap. We worked together to redefine their customer journey and curate a site flow that would take the client where Converge wants them to go! This enabled us to create a finished website that is responsive across all devices, focused on educating their potential buyers so that they are primed and ready to buy. Their new website significantly improved their overall lead quality and doubled their conversion rate.


About them.

Converge serves the world’s largest construction companies and partners with other trailblazers to push the bleeding edge. They are working to solve the industry’s most pressing problems with a commitment to revolutionise the construction lifecycle.

The way Nexus Creative explained their process was clear and rigorous, and the transparency of costs made them a clear choice for us.

Marketing Director

The beginning.

As a trailblazer in their industry, educating their ideal clients about the value in their construction technology is essential for Converge. However, in order to do that successfully, we first needed to dive into the minds of their target audience.

The workshop.

Our discovery workshop enables us to get a big picture view of both the business goals & its users. For Converge, we used it to gather essential information about their customers that contributed to a powerful sitemap and user flows.


We presented their Creative & Marketing Director, Guillaume, with two visual directions to choose from. The first utilised innovative 3D interactive assets to stand out in a memorable way, and the second incorporated a cool horizontal scroll to uniquely tell the story of Converge.

The chosen direction.

Converge decided to move forward with the first direction, as it provides an ideal user experience for customers of all ages. Plus, the 3D elements look fresh and techy!

Product identities.

With creativity running through our veins, we came up with the idea to create a separate visual identity for each of their products to inform the user of the different brand segments (to be used on the website, as well as any other collateral). Guillaume crafted sleek symbols for each by breaking down the elements of the Converge logo.

The value propositions.

A clear call to action is essential for web success. Although many agencies would likely struggle with the fact that Converge has three target customer groups to appeal to, we found a solution that optimised the experience and made the call to action even more attractive. We facilitated this by developing 3 compelling sections for each user with their respective value propositions!

Design complete.

With the testing and final design approved, we were ready to move on to development. It was full steam ahead as we prepared to share the new Converge website with the world!

Webflow development.

When it came to the build, we chose Webflow as our design tool for two primary reasons:

  1. The design freedom from Webflow without the need for heavily coded plugins (which can lead to an unsecure and slow website) is second to none!

  2. The incredibly powerful content management system makes site management easy and enables Converge to update or tweak the website without having to hire an expert.

The results.

The launch of the new website was received incredibly well by the stakeholders, clients and investors alike. In the words of Converge, there was a “massive shift in brand perception”.

But we don’t just care about how pretty it looks. Does it perform better? Yes!

Nexus took our recent rebrand and brought it to life in a truly engaging website that captures the vision I had. They were great creative collaborators and I have the utmost trust in their creative and technical capital. Dylan and the team punch well above their weight.

Marketing Director

The Website


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