Jems Food – Brand Identity

1. The Mission
Jem’s Food was established in 1982 and has been a successful butcher’s ever since. 
The sales manager at Jem’s Food saw an opportunity, in the unfortunate Covid-19 pandemic, to expand his business by adding a delivery service. The company’s goal was to become the leading meat delivery service in Britain- it was apparent to make this possible they had to develop a robust online presence with a new brand identity.
2. The Outcome

We created user profiles to understand what the ideal customer would be. Throughout this process, we were able to determine how we should position the brand to establish an emotional connection to the target market and sustain brand loyalty. It was evident to us that the best course of action was to create a traditional yet eye-catching logo, that could have many applications (e.g. Digital, Print, Packaging, etc.).

3. The Impact

The logo received very positive feedback amongst the existing clients and was quickly adopted on all the packaging and digital platforms. The delivery service is now running over 300 orders per week with this figure exponentially rising.

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