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In order to build a truly impactful visual brand identity, it’s imperative to get to know the brand & refine the message from the inside out. That’s exactly why we have our in-house brand strategist, Hannah Kathleen, on hand to work with clients who want to truly exemplify their message in their brand collateral. Through 1-1 consulting, Hannah Kathleen works to unlock your brand’s unique value to better position your messaging & refine it to fit today’s new economy.

Hannah Kathleen’s passion lies in transforming perspectives; her first point of focus is always designing and developing a brand message that embodies the heart of an organisation. She works to transition your messaging from a product-lead to brand-lead approach that will stand the test of time.

She works with her 3C process to design brands that inspire Curiosity, Conversation & Conversion; brands that create impact and drive engagement.

But what does that mean for your business? Ultimately, it comes down to analysing your market and finding the GAP in your industry. We determine where you fit and more importantly, present your brand in a way that’s compelling to your audience yet authentic to your values and who you are.

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