Videos are a great way to get your company’s values and culture across, we can tell your story in a visually enticing way that truly connects to your existing or potential customers. We help businesses of all sizes express that message with explainer videos, 3d animations, motion graphics or even GIF’s to make your social media content really stand out, the Nexus has you covered.

Explainer Videos.

A great way to get to the in-depth details of your product or service in an engaging and easy-to-perceive way. Explainer videos have proven to hike up conversion rates on websites and help give maximum exposure on social media platforms.

Motion Design by Nexus Creative
3d Design Nexus Creative

3d Animation.

Whether you are bringing your newest product to life or taking your viewers on a journey through virtual landscapes, 3D animation offers an immersive and strikingly beautiful option. Our worldwide network of 3d artists are skilled in taking your message to the next level with cutting edge CGI.


This is where it all comes together and we give your video the professionalism and emotion it deserves. In post-production, we edit and colour correct the footage, perfect the soundtrack and apply the visual effects and graphics through compositing.

Video Editing at Nexus Creative

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